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Almzeit. Mountains. Adventures.

Almzeit Sölden

High up at the Gaislachkogel middle station seven giant wooden letters tell us what it's all about from a distance: Almzeit - stands for heaps of fun, action and nature exploration right at the heart of Sölden's enchanting mountain world. But Almzeit in Sölden means so much more: pure relaxation in hammocks and comfortable loungers, between lush green meadows and babbling mountain brooks - with the majestic mountain peaks always close by, a campfire with nice-smelling grilled specialties, the exciting "From time to time" trail, countless possibilities for swinging, jumping, balancing and much more. Almzeit Sölden is clearly structured and equipped with signposts. More information, maps and an overview of the different Almzeit Sölden activity stations can be found here.